We are an inclusive Centre that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities. No child shall receive more or less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious beliefs, disability, gender, or any other grounds which cannot be justified. We aim to care for all children as individuals and to meet their needs as an inclusive service, wherever possible.


Places can be reserved in advance, with the payment of a deposit on booking. Children cannot be admitted to care at Aberavon Integrated Children’s Centre until the parent/carer formally registers them. Parents/Carers are to provide all relevant contact details and information regarding any special requirements of needs of a child. Parents/carers are required to complete a registration form and a childcare agreement form.


If the nursery childcare is oversubscribed a waiting list will be kept and administered by the Managers on a ‘first come first served basis.

Flying Start

Admissions for the Flying Start playgroup provision will be managed by the Flying Start Co-ordinator. Flying Start operates their own admissions policy and registration forms are available via the Flying Start Health Visitor.

Parents/carers must notify staff at the earliest opportunity if there are any changes to the child’s registration details so that forms can be updated regularly. Fees must be paid monthly in advance when booking your child’s place. This is not refundable except in exceptional circumstances, which will be determined by the Managers. Parents/carers must pay the full fee if their child is away for any reason e.g. sickness, occasional days off, holiday. Notice to end/change the contracted place is one month.


Flying Start is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and no fees are incurred.

Registration & Collection

Give us a call:
01639-897841 / 893335

Parents/carers will need to meet the Manager before the child can start to complete registration forms and discuss the ICC policies.


Parents/carers will book arrival and collection times with the Manager. Actual times of arrival and collection will be recorded on the room registers on days a child attends. If a child is not attending a session, the parents/carer must let the manager knows as soon as possible. Similarly, if a parent/carer is going to be late collecting a child they must let the Centre know and arrange a suitable known adult to collect the child. (For the safety of the child we need to meet all adults who are on the emergency contact list and likely to collect the child). For more details please see our Arrival and Collection of Children policy in the office.